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A Vegan Thanksgiving

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Angel Head Editer of Vegan Foodie • Updated 24th November 2021

On the day that’s all about family, why not try cooking vegan recipes with them? There are many different dishes you can prepare that are both healthy and delicious. From sweet potato casserole to mashed potatoes, there are tons of delicious vegan dishes for everyone to enjoy on Thanksgiving!

We’re slowly transitioning from many families are eating turkey as a staple of many traditional American Thanksgiving dinners since for at least two centuries – and is the undisputed most popular dish on both Thanksgiving 2016 and 2016 Thanksgiving. In 2013 Americans ate about 46 million turkeys during the holidays with 8% of those being frozen ones with nearly three quarters being oven-baked rather than deep-fried or smoked.

Today where here to give you a few Vegan dishes to spice up this Thanksgiving with more than the typical. We hope you try them out for the Holiday’s or dinner night. Enjoy

Holiday Vegetable Hash

A crunchy, earthy blend of butternut squash with sweet potatoes and red onions. The flavors are enhanced by celery leaves in parsley sauce that has been spiced with sage and rosemary for extra zest!

Now Imagine the smell of your house is a warm and inviting aroma that wafts through your nose as you walk into our kitchen. Its in all the fairy tales…yes you guessed it pumpkin pie but veganized.

2. Vegan pumpkin pie

Homemade Vegan pumpkin pie

The warm taste of this delicious coconut cinnamony sweet potato will make you fall in love all over again! It’s also infused with kindness and is completey plant-based.

3. Organic Multigrain Stuffing Mix

I use cornbread instead of bread crumbs to make my stuffing. This helps to eliminate the gluten, which can cause problems for people who are gluten intolerant. You can also get your favorite stuffing bread from Whole Foods or Trader Joes as our top picks to shop vegan.

Add 2 cups each diced onions and celery, 2 chopped apples and 1 tablespoon each minced sage and thyme; season with salt and pepper and cook 5 minutes.

Add 3 cups Vegetable broth and bring to a simmer. Whisk egg substitute with 1/4 cup chopped parsley in a large bowl; add 16 cups cubed stale country bread, then pour in the vegetable-broth mixture until they are all nicely coated. Transfer your creation back into its original dish before covering again for 30 more minutes of baking time or up until golden brown on top–20 minutes will do this when done perfectly!

4. Boursin Dairy-Free: garlic and herb spread

To take the edge off your hunger before dinner or as a side dish with lunch, Boursin has you covered. They offer a cold-blended dairy free spread that contains garlic parsley and chives mixed in coconut oil base for an appetizing flavor without any animal products! Pair it to veggies or plant based crackers to create the perfect meal solution. Your can make an easy to make a homemade version its so easy.

So with that being said during this time of year rejoice and reflect on all the blessings in our lives. So many people are going vegan this holiday, you might be wondering what you can cook up for everyone who is vegetarian or vegan this Thanksgiving. Well we’ve threw out, a favorite favs from our list of recipes for you! Try them out.

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