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Burger King Vegan Options

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Items you might of thought were Vegan on the menu

Plant based meat giant impossible meat…meet Fast Food restaurant giant Burger king! The Burger King and Impossible Foods rolled out the Impossible whopper to 7,000+ locations across the United States in April 2019. Since then

This (vegan) juicy vegan burger has been such a gift.

It wins all categories: amazing texture; savory, fresh taste; protein packed of ingredients; versatility; ease of preparation; nutritional bang.

IT HAS EVERYTHING…besides the non vegan mayo.

I’ve done the OG original whopper before, a few times, with the lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and cheese, mayo and ketchup. Now being vegan for about a yr, I’ve learned to emulate the same recipe a home or when I order through the drive-thru. Why, is this the number one pick for vegan and non-vegans?:

  • you don’t have to sacrifice eating you favorite foods.
  • you’ll be eating well.
  • the food is made fast and meant to be easy.
  • #1 ranked comfort food in America

Whenever I share a Fast Food vegan options I try to include it as a simple recipe you can make from home. Let’s just play up the quality of ingredients. These few simple ingredients are make up a timeless American staple.

VERIFIED sesame seed(vegan)buns, GRADE-A vegetables, DELICIOUS juicy plant-based meat patty. Yum!

Impossible whopper burger was produced from plants for people who love meat. Personally, Eating Impossible Burger instead of a burger from an animal means your environmental footprint is much lower so, that means less aqua and land, and less greenhouse gas emissions. I mean c’mon.

It’s sensational, it is adored by me (for it’s flavor, texture, and nutritional value,), by my hubby (his favorite fast food restaurant growing up), & my two toddlers (for being delightful to eat), and by my sister (for being totally vegan).

Speaking from experience, it has all the makings of a weekly staple recipe that is both feel-good for the body and crave-able for the tastebuds. ♡

*disclamer for all vegans most foods are fried in beef fat nutritional facts below will leave you in the right directions.

Hash BrownsMilk, Beef Fat150 Calories
French FriesMilk, Beef FatS. 220 Calories
M. 340 Calories
L. 510 Calories
Milk560 (12 Sticks)
ShakesMilk530-840 Calories
Fruit SmoothiesYogurtS. 210 Calories
M. 260 Calories
L. 330 Calories

Vegan Food

MenuContaminates Nutrition
Impossible BurgerMayo (Request Removal of Mayo)630 Calories, Protein 25g, Total Fat 34g, Saturated Fat 11g
Sodium 1078mg, Total Carbohydrates 58g, Sugars 12g

Vegan Dressings & Sauces

BBQ Sauce
Sweet & Sour Sauce
Italian Salad Dressing

Vegan Desserts

Dutch Apple Pie

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